Contract administration
We at Challengers are often appointed to provide a contract administration for clients, in particular housing associations, to deal with refurbishment, modernisation and alterations to existing residential buildings. Our services as contract administrator involves the preparation of all relevant paperwork and involving a building contractor right through to agreeing final account and completion of the project. It is often necessary to prepare detailed drawings and schedules of work along with necessary local authority applications. Sample schemes can be provided on request.
Employer’s agent
We at Challengers are frequently appointed by clients, particularly housing associations, to act as employer’s agent in respect of new build housing schemes. Section 106 planning agreements often require elements of sites to be affordable housing, which is and has lead to an increase in the scope of service for employer’s agent on their behalf. we have also completed many schemes as employer’s agent for specific affordable housing. This is an expanding service within the practice. We will be happy to provide sample schemes should these be required.